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To lose one’s faith — surpass

To lose one's faith -- surpassTo lose one’s faith — surpass
The loss of an Estate –
Because Estates can be
Replenished — faith cannot –

Inherited with Life –
Belief — but once — can be –
Annihilate a single clause –
And Being’s — Beggary –

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These are the days when Birds come back –

Cocoon above! Cocoon below!These are the days when Birds come back –
A very few — a Bird or two –
To take a backward look.

These are the days when skies resume
The old — old sophistries of June –
A blue and gold mistake.

Oh fraud that cannot cheat the Bee –
Almost thy plausibility
Induces my belief.

Till ranks of seeds their witness bear –
And softly thro’ the altered air
Hurries a timid leaf.

Oh Sacrament of summer days,
Oh Last Communion in the Haze –
Permit a child to join.

Thy sacred emblems to partake –
They consecrated bread to take
And thine immortal wine!