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Love — thou art high —

Love thou art high
Love — thou art high —
I cannot climb thee —
But, were it Two —
Who know but we —
Taking turns — at the Chimborazo —
Ducal — at last — stand up by thee —

Love — thou are deep —
I cannot cross thee —
But, were there Two
Instead of One —
Rower, and Yacht — some sovereign Summer —
Who knows — but we’d reach the Sun?

Love — thou are Veiled —
A few — behold thee —
Smile — and alter — and prattle — and die —
Bliss — were an Oddity — without thee —
Nicknamed by God —
Eternity —

It would never be Common — more — I said —

It would never be Common -- more -- I said --It would never be Common — more — I said —
Difference — had begun —
Many a bitterness — had been —
But that old sort — was done —

Or — if it sometime — showed — as ’twill —
Upon the Downiest — Morn —
Such bliss — had I — for all the years —
‘Twould give an Easier — pain —

I’d so much joy — I told it — Red —
Upon my simple Cheek —
I felt it publish — in my Eye —
‘Twas needless — any speak —

I walked — as wings — my body bore —
The feet — I former used —
Unnecessary — now to me —
As boots — would be — to Birds —

I put my pleasure all abroad —
I dealth a word of Gold
To every Creature — that I met —
And Dowered — all the World —

When — suddenly — my Riches shrank —
A Goblin — drank my Dew —
My Palaces — dropped tenantless —
Myself — was beggared — too —

I clutched at sounds —
I groped at shapes —
I touched the tops of Films —
I felt the Wilderness roll back
Along my Golden lines —

The Sackcloth — hangs upon the nail —
The Frock I used to wear —
But where my moment of Brocade —
My — drop — of India?

I gained it so —

I gained it so --I gained it so —
By Climbing slow —
By Catching at the Twigs that grow
Between the Bliss — and me —
It hung so high
As well the Sky
Attempt by Strategy —

I said I gained it —
This — was all —
Look, how I clutch it
Lest it fall —
And I a Pauper go —
Unfitted by an instant’s Grace
For the Contented — Beggar’s face
I wore — an hour ago —

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My Reward for Being, was This.

My Reward for Being, was This.My Reward for Being, was This.
My premium — My Bliss —
An Admiralty, less —
A Sceptre — penniless —
And Realms — just Dross —

When Thrones accost my Hands —
With “Me, Miss, Me” —
I’ll unroll Thee —
Dominions dowerless — beside this Grace —
Election — Vote —
The Ballots of Eternity, will show just that.

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What would I give to see his face?

Forever at His side to walk -- What would I give to see his face?
I’d give — I’d give my life — of course —
But that is not enough!
Stop just a minute — let me think!
I’d give my biggest Bobolink!
That makes two — Him — and Life!
You know who “June” is —
I’d give her —
Roses a day from Zanzibar —
And Lily tubes — like Wells —
Bees — by the furlong —
Straits of Blue
Navies of Butterflies — sailed thro’ —
And dappled Cowslip Dells —

Then I have “shares” in Primrose “Banks” —
Daffodil Dowries — spicy “Stocks” —
Dominions — broad as Dew —
Bags of Doublons — adventurous Bees
Brought me — from firmamental seas —
And Purple — from Peru —

Now — have I bought it —
“Shylock”? Say!
Sign me the Bond!
“I vow to pay
To Her — who pledges this —
One hour — of her Sovereign’s face”!
Ecstatic Contract!
Niggard Grace!
My Kingdom’s worth of Bliss!

A fuzzy fellow without feet

'Tis so much joy! 'Tis so much joy!A fuzzy fellow, without feet,
Yet doth exceeding run!
Of velvet, is his Countenance,
And his Complexion, dun!

Sometime, he dwelleth in the grass!
Sometime, upon a bough,
From which he doth descend in plush
Upon the Passer-by!

All this in summer.
But when winds alarm the Forest Folk,
He taketh Damask Residence —
And struts in sewing silk!

Then, finer than a Lady,
Emerges in the spring!
A Feather on each shoulder!
You’d scarce recognize him!

By Men, yclept Caterpillar!
By me! But who am I,
To tell the pretty secret
Of the Butterfly!