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Unit, like Death, for Whom?

Unit, like Death, for Whom?Unit, like Death, for Whom?
True, like the Tomb,
Who tells no secret
Told to Him —
The Grave is strict —
Tickets admit
Just two — the Bearer —
And the Borne —
And seat — just One —
The Living — tell —
The Dying — but a Syllable —
The Coy Dead — None —
No Chatter — here — no tea —
So Babbler, and Bohea — stay there —
But Gravity — and Expectation — and Fear —
A tremor just, that All’s not sure.

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For Death — or rather

For Death -- or ratherFor Death — or rather
For the Things ‘twould buy —
This — put away
Life’s Opportunity —

The Things that Death will buy
Are Room —
Escape from Circumstances —
And a Name —

With Gifts of Life
How Death’s Gifts may compare —
We know not —
For the Rates — lie Here –

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That after Horror — that ’twas us –

That after Horror -- that 'twas us --That after Horror — that ’twas us —
That passed the mouldering Pier —
Just as the Granite Crumb let go —
Our Savior, by a Hair —

A second more, had dropped too deep
For Fisherman to plumb —
The very profile of the Thought
Puts Recollection numb —

The possibility — to pass
Without a Moment’s Bell —
Into Conjecture’s presence —
Is like a Face of Steel —
That suddenly looks into ours
With a metallic grin —
The Cordiality of Death —
Who drills his Welcome in –

‘Tis so appalling—it exhilarates—

'Tis so appalling—it exhilarates—‘Tis so appalling—it exhilarates—
So over Horror, it half Captivates—
The Soul stares after it, secure—
A Sepulchre, fears frost, no more—

To scan a Ghost, is faint—
But grappling, conquers it—
How easy, Torment, now—
Suspense kept sawing so—

The Truth, is Bald, and Cold—
But that will hold—
If any are not sure—
We show them—prayer—
But we, who know,
Stop hoping, now—

Looking at Death, is Dying—
Just let go the Breath—
And not the pillow at your Cheek
So Slumbereth—

Others, Can wrestle—
Yours, is done—
And so of Woe, bleak dreaded—come,
It sets the Fright at liberty—
And Terror’s free—
Gay, Ghastly, Holiday!

You’re right — “the way is narrow” –

You're right -- You’re right — “the way is narrow” —
And “difficult the Gate” —
And “few there be” — Correct again —
That “enter in — thereat” —

‘Tis Costly — So are purples!
‘Tis just the price of Breath —
With but the “Discount” of the Grave —
Termed by the Brokers — “Death”!

And after that — there’s Heaven —
The Good Man’s — “Dividend” —
And Bad Men — “go to Jail” —
I guess –

For this — accepted Breath –

For this -- accepted Breath --For this — accepted Breath —
Through it — compete with Death —
The fellow cannot touch this Crown —
By it — my title take —
Ah, what a royal sake
To my necessity — stooped down!

No Wilderness — can be
Where this attendeth me —
No Desert Noon —
No fear of frost to come
Haunt the perennial bloom —
But Certain June!

Get Gabriel — to tell — the royal syllable —
Get Saints — with new — unsteady tongue —
To say what trance below
Most like their glory show —
Fittest the Crown!

If I could bribe them by a Rose

If I could bribe them by a RoseIf I could bribe them by a Rose
I’d bring them every flower that grows
From Amherst to Cashmere!
I would not stop for night, or storm —
Or frost, or death, or anyone —
My business were so dear!

If they would linger for a Bird
My Tambourin were soonest heard
Among the April Woods!
Unwearied, all the summer long,
Only to break in wilder song
When Winter shook the boughs!

What if they hear me!
Who shall say
That such an importunity
May not at last avail?

That, weary of this Beggar’s face —
They may not finally say, Yes —
To drive her from the Hall?