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Funny — to be a Century –

Funny -- to be a Century --Funny — to be a Century –
And see the People — going by –
I — should die of the Oddity –
But then — I’m not so staid — as He –

He keeps His Secrets safely — very –
Were He to tell — extremely sorry
This Bashful Globe of Ours would be –
So dainty of Publicity –

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Aone, I cannot be –

Aone, I cannot be --Alone, I cannot be –
For Hosts — do visit me –
Recordless Company –
Who baffle Key –

They have no Robes, nor Names –
No Almanacs — nor Climes –
But general Homes
Like Gnomes –

Their Coming, may be known
By Couriers within –
Their going — is not –
For they’ve never gone –