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The Outer — from the Inner

The Outer -- from the InnerThe Outer — from the Inner
Derives its Magnitude —
‘Tis Duke, or Dwarf, according
As is the Central Mood —

The fine — unvarying Axis
That regulates the Wheel —
Though Spokes — spin — more conspicuous
And fling a dust — the while.

The Inner — paints the Outer —
The Brush without the Hand —
Its Picture publishes — precise —
As is the inner Brand —

On fine — Arterial Canvas —
A Cheek — perchance a Brow —
The Star’s whole Secret — in the Lake —
Eyes were not meant to know.

We grow accustomed to the Dark —

We grow accustomed to the Dark --We grow accustomed to the Dark —
When light is put away —
As when the Neighbor holds the Lamp
To witness her Goodbye —

A Moment — We uncertain step
For newness of the night —
Then — fit our Vision to the Dark —
And meet the Road — erect —

And so of larger — Darkness —
Those Evenings of the Brain —
When not a Moon disclose a sign —
Or Star — come out — within —

The Bravest — grope a little —
And sometimes hit a Tree
Directly in the Forehead —
But as they learn to see —

Either the Darkness alters —
Or something in the sight
Adjusts itself to Midnight —
And Life steps almost straight.

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I Came to buy a smile — today —

I Came to buy a smile -- today -- I Came to buy a smile — today —
But just a single smile —
The smallest one upon your face
Will suit me just as well —
The one that no one else would miss
It shone so very small —
I’m pleading at the “counter” — sir —
Could you afford to sell —
I’ve Diamonds — on my fingers —
You know what Diamonds are?
I’ve Rubies — live the Evening Blood —
And Topaz — like the star!
‘Twould be “a Bargain” for a Jew!
Say — may I have it — Sir?

I’ve known a Heaven, like a Tent —

I've known a Heaven, like a Tent --I’ve known a Heaven, like a Tent —
To wrap its shining Yards —
Pluck up its stakes, and disappear —
Without the sound of Boards
Or Rip of Nail — Or Carpenter —
But just the miles of Stare —
That signalize a Show’s Retreat —
In North America —

No Trace — no Figment of the Thing
That dazzled, Yesterday,
No Ring — no Marvel —
Men, and Feats —
Dissolved as utterly —
As Bird’s far Navigation
Discloses just a Hue —
A plash of Oars, a Gaiety —
Then swallowed up, of View.

When we stand on the tops of Things —

When we stand on the tops of Things --When we stand on the tops of Things —
And like the Trees, look down —
The smoke all cleared away from it —
And Mirrors on the scene —

Just laying light — no soul will wink
Except it have the flaw —
The Sound ones, like the Hills — shall stand —
No Lighting, scares away —

The Perfect, nowhere be afraid —
They bear their dauntless Heads,
Where others, dare not go at Noon,
Protected by their deeds —

The Stars dare shine occasionally
Upon a spotted World —
And Suns, go surer, for their Proof,
As if an Axle, held —

Ah, Moon — and Star!

Ah, Moon -- and Star!Ah, Moon — and Star!
You are very far —
But were no one
Farther than you —
Do you think I’d stop
For a Firmament —
Or a Cubit — or so?

I could borrow a Bonnet
Of the Lark —
And a Chamois’ Silver Boot —
And a stirrup of an Antelope —
And be with you — Tonight!

But, Moon, and Star,
Though you’re very far —
There is one — farther than you —
He — is more than a firmament — from Me —
So I can never go!

If He dissolve — then —

If He dissolve -- then --If He dissolve — then —
there is nothing — more —
Eclipse — at Midnight —
It was dark — before —

Sunset — at Easter —
Blindness — on the Dawn —
Faint Star of Bethlehem —
Gone down!

Would but some God — inform Him —
Or it be too late!
Say — that the pulse just lisps —
The Chariots wait —

Say — that a little life — for His —
Is leaking — red —
His little Spaniel — tell Him!
Will He heed?