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You’ll know it — as you know ’tis Noon –

You'll know it -- as you know 'tis Noon --You’ll know it — as you know ’tis Noon –
By Glory –
As you do the Sun –
By Glory –
As you will in Heaven –
Know God the Father — and the Son.

By intuition, Mightiest Things
Assert themselves — and not by terms –
“I’m Midnight” — need the Midnight say –
“I’m Sunrise” — Need the Majesty?

Omnipotence — had not a Tongue –
His lisp — is Lightning — and the Sun –
His Conversation — with the Sea –
“How shall you know”?
Consult your Eye!

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A Tongue — to tell Him I am true!

A Tongue -- to tell Him I am true!A Tongue — to tell Him I am true!
Its fee — to be of Gold –
Had Nature — in Her monstrous House
A single Ragged Child –

To earn a Mine — would run
That Interdicted Way,
And tell Him — Charge thee speak it plain –
That so far — Truth is True?

And answer What I do –
Beginning with the Day
That Night — begun –
Nay — Midnight — ’twas –
Since Midnight — happened — say –

If once more — Pardon — Boy –
The Magnitude thou may
Enlarge my Message — If too vast
Another Lad — help thee –

Thy Pay — in Diamonds — be –
And His — in solid Gold –
Say Rubies — if He hesitate –
My Message — must be told –

Say — last I said — was This –
That when the Hills — come down –
And hold no higher than the Plain –
My Bond — have just begun –

And when the Heavens — disband –
And Deity conclude –
Then — look for me. Be sure you say –
Least Figure — on the Road –

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I’m saying every day

I'm saying every dayI’m saying every day
“If I should be a Queen, tomorrow” –
I’d do this way –
And so I deck, a little,

If it be, I wake a Bourbon,
None on me, bend supercilious –
With “This was she –
Begged in the Market place –

Court is a stately place –
I’ve heard men say –
So I loop my apron, against the Majesty
With bright Pins of Buttercup –
That not too plain –
Rank — overtake me –

And perch my Tongue
On Twigs of singing — rather high –
But this, might be my brief Term
To qualify –

Put from my simple speech all plain word –
Take other accents, as such I heard
Though but for the Cricket — just,
And but for the Bee –
Not in all the Meadow –
One accost me –

Better to be ready –
Than did next morn
Meet me in Aragon –
My old Gown — on –

And the surprised Air
Rustics — wear –
Summoned — unexpectedly –
To Exeter –

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Her — “last Poems” –

Her -- Her — “last Poems” –
Poets — ended –
Silver — perished — with her Tongue –
Not on Record — bubbled other,
Flute — or Woman –
So divine –
Not unto its Summer — Morning
Robin — uttered Half the Tune –
Gushed too free for the Adoring –
From the Anglo-Florentine –
Late — the Praise –
‘Tis dull — conferring
On the Head too High to Crown –
Diadem — or Ducal Showing –
Be its Grave — sufficient sign –
Nought — that We — No Poet’s Kinsman –
Suffocate — with easy woe –
What, and if, Ourself a Bridegroom –
Put Her down — in Italy?

Many a phrase has the English language

Doubt Me! My Dim Companion!Many a phrase has the English language –
I have heard but one –
Low as the laughter of the Cricket,
Loud, as the Thunder’s Tongue –

Murmuring, like old Caspian Choirs,
When the Tide’s a’ lull –
Saying itself in new inflection –
Like a Whippoorwill –

Breaking in bright Orthography
On my simple sleep –
Thundering its Prospective –
Till I stir, and weep –

Not for the Sorrow, done me –
But the push of Joy –
Say it again, Saxton!
Hush — Only to me!